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Beards22 Cool Beard Facts
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22 Cool Beard Facts

22 Cool Beard Facts! Beards provide not just a ruggedly attractive appearance for men globally, but they also offer some outstanding scientific advantages.

Beards aren’t only for hipsters and mountain men; they look wonderful on everyone, plus they save you time looking in the mirror attempting to keep your face as smooth as possible.

Beards have endured the test of time as a fashion statement. Our forefathers grew beards for warmth and safety, and in the early 1600s, aristocracy wore beards as a striking fashion statement, and now, beards are just plain chic.

Prepare yourselves, because we’re about to dive into 22 weird and wonderful beard facts!

1. Beards Were Once Prescribed

Doctors recommended beards to avoid sickness during the Victorian era.

Doctors at the time reasoned that a thick beard may operate as a filter, trapping dangerous particles before they entered the body through the mouth.

Doctors advised men to grow a beard if they felt it was necessary.

2. They Increase Social Status

Beards have an impact on people’s judgments of a man’s social position, according to a research published in Behavioral Ecology.

The study looked at the lives of women from two distinct cultures. The findings revealed that, regardless of ethnic background, women saw men with beards as having a higher social standing than their shaved counterparts.

3. Beards Can Protect Against Jellyfish

Consider growing a beard for optimal protection if you ever find yourself training for a long-distance competition swim. Sean Conway, the first man to cycle, swim, and run the length of the United Kingdom, had a beard to keep jellyfish from hurting his face while swimming.

4. Beards Are Like Built In Sunscreen

Beards, believe it or not, provide facial protection while you’re out in the sun for hours. The University of Southern Queensland discovered that beards provide 90 percent to 95 percent UV protection in a research published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal.

The ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) ranged from 2 to 21. This indicates that beards can aid in the prevention of skin cancer.

5. The Worlds Longest Beard Was 17 Feet Long

Hans Langseth, a Norwegian-American, holds the record for the longest beard ever recorded. Langseth’s beard was measured at 5.33 metres, or 17 feet and 6 inches, in 1927.

Two Men With beards looking at camera

7. You’re More Likely to Go Bald if You Can Grow a Great Beard.

There appears to be a link between beard development and baldness, according to scientists. The logic is based on the quantity of sweat glands on a man’s face and on the top of his head.

In general, the larger the beard, the more sweaty the top of the head becomes, which is bad for hair development.

8. Some Beards Are Worth a Million Dollars or More.

ZZ Top members Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill have declined offers of $1 million to cut their beards.

According to Gibbons, the famous razor manufacturer Gilette offered both of these guys a considerable sum of money to shave off their legendary beards for a promotional event, but both men declined the offer and chose to preserve their cherished beards instead.

9. 30cm is the world record for the longest female beard.

Harnaam Kaur was awarded the distinction of being the youngest girl with a full beard in September 2015. While Kaur’s beard is amazing, it is her job as an activist for body confidence that inspires her even more.

10. Beards Can Aid with Skin Healing

Dirt and bacteria might spread on your face if your razor isn’t completely clean. If you have sensitive skin, refraining from shaving and allowing your beard to grow can help your face mend and recover.

11. Every day, 75% of men shave their faces.

It’s been reported that 75 percent of males comb their facial hair on a daily basis. Even if you’re merely brushing through with your raiser to clean up a few areas, the time adds up when you stop to think about it.

12. You Won’t Find a Bearded Amateur Boxer

The International Boxing Association forbids amateur fighters from growing beards under its official rulebook. Beards and moustaches, like body piercings, are considered an accessory that is not permitted during a match.

13. Protein Helps Your Beard to Grow

Protein isn’t simply for gaining tremendous muscular growth. Keratin, a kind of protein, is a crucial component of your hair’s structure. Keratin synthesis is influenced by the meals we eat, thus the more protein we consume, the more keratin we make. Our hair will grow faster if we produce more keratin.

14. Stubble is preferred by women.

According to a new survey, women prefer guys with full beards and thick stubble than males who are shaved. Making yourself look better is a great reason to put off shaving for at least one more day.

15. Fake Gold Beards Were Worn By Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were notorious for their fake gold beards.

Historians are left to hypothesise as to why, although the majority of explanations appear to be religious in nature.

Because the deity Osiris is depicted with an ornate beard in ancient paintings, scholars believe that the Pharaohs donned golden beards to pay reverence to him.

16. Genetics Play a Role in Beard Growth

Hair development is tied to inheritance, scientists have known for a long time. This implies that how nicely your beard grows in is influenced by your DNA. Hair growth, thickness, and even greying are all determined by your DNA. It appears that your beard is in luck if good hair runs in your family.

Man with ginger beard looking at camera

17. In the Middle Ages, touching another man’s beard was considered impolite.

You didn’t go around pulling at other men’s beards if you lived in the Middle Ages. Touching a man’s beard was regarded extremely disrespectful, and may even result in a fight in severe situations.

18. In the British Army, having a beard requires a special rank.

A beard is not permitted on every member of the British Army. Individual exceptions occur today, but in general, the Pioneer Sergeant’s beard is a one-of-a-kind distinction.

The Pioneer Sergeant’s function, which dates back to the 1700s, was to be an all-around manly-man for his military unit, clearing routes and serving as a blacksmith.

19. Facial hair is found on more than half of the men on the planet.

Around 55 percent of males around the world have facial hair, according to estimates. You’re in excellent company, bearded males.

20. Beard Transplants Are Growing in Popularity

Don’t worry if you’re having difficulties growing a beard; beard transplants are becoming more prevalent. The hair for the transplantation is normally taken from the crown of the head and costs roughly $5,000.

21. A World Beard and Mustache Championship is held every year.

Every two years, this tournament is organised in different regions of the world. Each guy competes to prove that his moustache, partial beard, or full beard is the most intricate and spectacular in the world, in many stylistic categories.

22. Sleep Is Important for Beard Growth

During sleep, our bodies cleanse and heal. To make hair development a priority, your internal systems must be in order, and getting enough rest can assist.

Because of the advantages of sleep, there’s even more motivation to hit the snooze button in the morning.

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