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SkincareHow Men Can Determine Their Skintype
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How Men Can Determine Their Skintype

How Men Can Determine Their Skintype: Understanding your skin type is a crucial first step toward determining the best strategy to care for your skin. While all skin types benefit from utilising cleansers and moisturisers, which ones you use will be determined by your skin type. Despite the fact that everyone’s skin is different, there are five basic skin types: oily, normal, combination, dry, and sensitive. Knowing your skin type might help you locate the proper solution to meet your skincare objectives.

How to identify your skin type:

1. The Bare-Faced Method:

Examining your bare skin is an easy approach to figure out your skin type. Begin by cleansing your face with our cleanser. After that, pat dry gently with a soft towel and avoid using any skincare products. Examine your skin after 25-30 minutes. What does it look like to you? Do your cheekbones and t-zone appear to be shiny? It’s possible that you have oily skin. Do you get a tight feeling in your skin and have flaky patches on your skin. It’s very likely that your skin is dry. Combination skin is characterised by a balanced mix of oiliness and dryness.

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2. The Blotting Sheet Method:

Another approach to figure out your skin type at home is to blot your face with a clean blotting sheet. Hold the sheet up to the light to observe how much oil has been absorbed. The amount of oil visible on the paper determines your skin type; the more oil on the paper, the more probable you have oily skin. You most likely have dry skin if there is little to no oil visible. Your skin is probably normal or a combination if the blotting sheet shows minimal oil from your forehead and nose.

How to take care for each different skin type

How to take care of a dry skin type:

Because dry skin produces less sebum than normal or oily skin, keeping the skin barrier properly hydrated is essential. The more moisture the skin can hold, the healthier the skin’s appearance will be.  Skin can be sensitive to a weaker skin barrier if it doesn’t get enough moisture, resulting in dry patches and hastening the aging process. For dry skin, search for products that hydrate, nourish, and moisturise while being devoid of alcohol, perfumes, colours, and chemicals.

How to take care of an oily skin type:

Oily skin develops when the skin’s barrier generates too much sebum, or oil, which can block pores and cause blemishes. Those with oily skin should opt for non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) products that help balance excess oil. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week and washing your face twice a day are recommended to help remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.

How to take care of Combination skin type:

Because it is made up of many skin types, combination skin might be a little more difficult to care for. Looking for solutions that are intended for all skin types is the simplest method to care for combination skin. Formulas for all skin types typically help to balance skin without drying it out or generating extra oil. For those with combination skin, maintaining a healthy balance is essential for your skin!

How to take care of a normal skin type:

Fortunately, normal skin types have few skin issues, so routines can be simplified. Prep your skin with a gentle cleanser, hydrate with a daily moisturiser, and protect your skin with sunscreen during the day to help maintain balanced healthy-looking skin. You should also use hydrating face oil at night to help replenish your skin.

How to take care of a sensitive skin type:

Sensitive skin is generally characterised by visible signs of redness and the sensation of tight, uncomfortable skin, all of which are indicators of a weaker and compromised skin barrier. Choose gentle solutions that can help reinforce the skin barrier, and search for treatments that are developed to help relieve visible redness and skin pain when caring for sensitive skin.

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