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SkincareWhat Should A Men’s Skincare Routine Be?
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What Should A Men’s Skincare Routine Be?

What should a men’s skincare routine be, and why is it important? As more and more men each day look into improving their skin, they are also finding it very challenging to understand the difference between a men’s skincare routine, and a women’s skincare routine.

What is the difference between a men’s skincare routine, and a women’s skincare routine?

Men are more prone to get adult acne because they create more oil. Lighter components in women’s lotions and cleansers won’t irritate their sensitive skin. Men, on the other hand, require stronger chemicals for deep washing in order to avoid severe acne.

Here are 4 reasons men should use different skincare to women:

Reason 1 – Men produce more testosterone: Adult males actually produce about 10 times as much testosterone as women, which makes their skin oilier. Men also have larger pores and pump out more sebum, which causes congestion and is thicker.

Reason 2 – Men’s skin pH is lower: Sebum [skin’s natural oils] with lactic and amino acids make up our skin’s outermost layer, often known as the skin barrier. These determine the pH of the skin, which should be between 4-6 – any higher, and the skin becomes drier than a lasagne surface; any lower, and it becomes greasy and spotty. Women actually have higher pH than men. Men have higher instances of acne because men’s pH is lower. But there are positives, men’s skin barrier is stronger and better at locking in moisture.

Reason 3 – Men suffer from sensitivity around the beard area: The beard is one place where guys may want further assistance. In a lifetime, males shave their skin 16,000 times on average. If you don’t shave correctly and use bad practices this can be very irritable and affect your skin, unlike women.

Reason 4 – Men age differently: After the age of 30, both men and women lose roughly 1% of their collagen every year. However, because male skin is denser, collagen and elastin do not break down as quickly.

Men need to determine their skintype

Understanding your skin type is a crucial first step toward determining the best strategy to care for your skin. While all skin types benefit from utilising cleansers and moisturisers, which ones you use will be determined by your skin type. Despite the fact that everyone’s skin is different, there are five basic skin types: oily, normal, combination, dry, and sensitive. Knowing your skin type might help you locate the proper solution to meet your skincare objectives.

To learn more about your skin type, check out our other blog on how to determine your skin type.

To sum it up, here are a couple of different methods you can try:

  1. The bare-faced method: Cleanse your face with our cleanser first. After that, use a soft towel to gently pat dry and avoid using any skincare products. After 25-30 minutes, take a look at your skin. What does it appear to you to be? Are your cheekbones and t-zone glistening? It’s conceivable that your skin is greasy. Do you have flaky areas on your skin and a tight feeling in your skin? Your skin is almost certainly dry. A balanced blend of oiliness and dryness characterises combination skin.
  2. The blotting sheet method: Blotting your face with a clean blotting sheet is another way to figure out your skin type at home. To see how much oil has been absorbed, hold the sheet up to the light. Your skin type is determined by the quantity of oil visible on the paper; the more oil visible on the paper, the more likely you have oily skin. If there is very little oil on your skin, you most likely have dry skin. If the blotting sheet shows minimal oil from your forehead and nose, your skin is probably normal or mixed.
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The best mens skincare routine

Ah, here we are, the part you have been waiting for! Let’s dive into a super easy, affordable, and effective mens skincare routine. These products are to be applied in the following order.

Start with a cleanser

A face cleanser is a skincare product that removes make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other pollutants from the skin to keep pores clear and prevent skin problems like acne. Your face goes through a lot each day and night, therefore you should clean it with a cleanser every day.

Additional natural fruit ingredients in our Men’s Clear Skin Cleanser provide crucial vitamins and minerals to the skin. It’s preferable to apply it both in the morning and at night, but if you only have time for one, go with the night.

Because your skin grows dirtier throughout the day than it does at night, we recommend cleansing both morning and night. However, cleansing only at night is OK.

Secondly, use a hydration serum

Hydrating serums assist your skin to maintain moisture by increasing its hydration and preventing it from drying out. A hydrating serum should be used by those with dry skin, but even those with oily skin can benefit from focused hydration.

Our Men’s Facial Hydration Serum aids in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines in men. Arnica oil is mixed with apple and blackcurrant extracts to nourish the skin. This natural blend of oils and extracts provides essential nutrients, resulting in skin that is tighter, firmer, and brighter.

Always use a hydration serum before applying your moisturiser.

Thirdly, time to moisturise your face!

Moisturisers aid in the prevention of skin problems. Using the right moisturiser might help you maintain your skin’s balance. When skin is excessively dry or greasy, many common skin disorders, such as acne, appear.

Your skin can be hydrated and rejuvenated with the use of a moisturiser. As we age, the oil glands that keep our skin healthy lose power, resulting in less oils being generated. Your glands won’t have to work as hard to keep your skin healthy for the rest of your life if you moisturise every day.

Our Men’s Moisturiser hydrates and calms the skin thoroughly. To assist ease post-shave pain, allantoin softens the skin, locks in moisture, and acts as an anti-irritant. For men, blackcurrant oil tightens and moisturises the skin while reducing the signs of ageing.

Lastly, don’t forget about your eye rejuvenator gel

The skin around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your face, and it requires special attention to stay moisturised. Eye creams and gels help to prevent wrinkles, dehydrated skin, and keep the skin looking supple and fresh all day long.

Our Eye Rejuvenator Gel reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while cooling and firming the face. Raspberry extract is added to form a gel rich in essential fatty acids that tightens and firms the skin.

So, what should a men’s skincare routine be? Simple, easy, affordable, and effective. We offer a complete skincare set that comes in two sizes. A 50ml complete men’s skincare set, and a 100ml complete men’s skincare set.

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